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  • Dhruman Gohil

10 Global Companies adopting Industry 4.0/Digital Transformation:


Located in: Munich, Germany

Industry 4.0 Solutions/Applications: Edge computing solutions for the manufacturing, healthcare, Transportation & logistics, energy & power industries, a Digitized business model that enables 3D & 2D product lifecycle management and offers advanced robotics, cloud connectivity, and Additive manufacturing solutions.

Cisco Systems

Located in: San Jose, California, U.S (Headquarters)

Industry 4.0 Solutions/Applications: Big data, IoT, AI, augmented reality (AR), Simulation/digital twin, Cloud computing, Cybersecurity, Systems integration, Autonomous systems, Additive manufacturing, Edge computing, Domain security, and Energy management.

Intel Corporation

Located in: Santa Clara, California

Industry 4.0 Solutions/Applications: Edge Computing, Automate Manufacturing Process, IOT-AI Edge, Cloud Infrastructure, Operational Efficiency, and Productivity, Maximize Revenue, Lower Cost, and Analyze Data Faster

General Electric

Located in: Boston, U.S. (Headquarters)

Industry 4.0 Solutions/Applications: Factory Automation, Increasing Operational Agility, Improving productivity and Profits in Manufacturing, Enterprise integration architecture, Process quality management, and Production equipment integration.

IBM Corporation

Located in: New York (Headquarters)

Industry 4.0 Solutions/Applications: Enterprise asset management, Asset performance management, Infrastructure asset management, Supply chain management, Systems engineering, Facilities management, B2B collaboration, and Workforce safety.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Located in: Tokyo, Japan

Industry 4.0 Solutions/Applications: Factory Automation systems, High-end home appliances, Semiconductors, Digital signage, Train systems, Optimize industrial processes, Reduced waste, and Enhance cost-effectiveness.

Honeywell International Inc

Located in: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States (Headquarters)

Industry 4.0 Solutions/Applications: Caters to various industries including the Manufacturing, Healthcare, Aerospace, Transportation & Logistics, Retail & E-commerce, and Energy & power industries.

Toshiba Corporation

Located in: Minato, Tokyo

Industry 4.0 Solutions/Applications: Industrial and energy infrastructure systems, Electronic components, semiconductors, IoT architecture - cloud, Edge computing, big data, and digital twins. These technologies enable remote monitoring and repair of manufacturing equipment, help raise yield rates, improve operating rates, and increase production efficiency in manufacturing facilities.


Located in : Zürich, Switzerland

Industry 4.0 Solutions/Applications: Smart enterprise manufacturing solutions, Predictive Analytics, Data analytics, and Proactive asset management solutions enable real-time monitoring of equipment health, increase productivity, predict failures, reduce downtimes, and minimize maintenance costs.

Emerson Electric Co

Located in: Missouri, United States (Headquarters)

Industry 4.0 Solutions/Applications: Operations management software, Automation & control software, Advanced industry software, asset management, control & safety systems, electrical components & lighting, improve industrial performance, Digitize Production processes, enhance product safety and sustainability.

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Written by - Dhruman Gohil

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