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  • Dhruman Gohil

20 Best Supply Chain Jobs/Internship Openings - India

1. Role: Distribution Planning Analyst: Mumbai: Full Time

Company: Castrol

Link to Apply

2. Role: Supply Planner Executive: Mumbai: Full Time

Company: Sugar Cosmetics

Link to Apply: Cosmetics&job_id=8517&company_uuid=83EF5D332F&source=LINKEDIN&apply_now=true

3. Role: Supply Chain Management: Gurgaon: Full Time

Company: Accenture

Link to Apply:

4. Role: Supply Chain Inventory Management, Program Manager 2: Bengaluru: Full Time

Company: Amazon

Link to Apply:

5. Role: Assistant Supply Chain Manager: Daman and Diu: Full Time: On Site

Company: CIRCOR International

Link to Apply:

6. Role: Supply Chain Management - Hyderabad - Full time - Onsite (18-30 Lakh per year)

Company: Yellow Box HR Services Pvt Ltd

Link to Apply :

7. Role: Logistics Strategy Planning and Projects - Gurugram - Full Time

Company: Maruti Suzuki India Limited

Link to Apply:

8. Role: Supply Chain Analyst - Bangalore - Full Time

Company: The Bay

Link to Apply :

9. Role: Senior Manager - Supply Chain Manager Optimization - Bengalaru - Full Time

Company: Giant Eagle GCC

Link to Apply :

10. Role: Supply Chain Procurement - Bangalore - Internship

Company: Accord Innovations Pvt Ltd

Link to Apply:

11. Role: Supply Chain Planning and Strategy - Mumbai - Full Time

Company: Zepto

Link to Apply:!/job-view/supply-sto-planner-mumbai-maharashtra-india-2022020208431364?source=linkedin

12. Role: Supply Chain Analyst - Chennai - Full time

Company: Ford Global Services

Link to Apply:

13. Role: Supply Chain Management Lead Associate: Bangalore – Full time

Company: Genpact

Link to Apply:

14. Role: Head of Supply Chain Management - Gurugram - Full Time - OnSite

Company : 4700BC

Link to Apply

15. Role: Supply Chain Management Internship - Bengalaru - Full Time

Company: Inquizity

Link to Apply:

16. Role: Product Supply Summer Internship - Mumbai - Full Time - Onsite

Company: Proctor and Gamble

Link to Apply: v704?source=RS_LINKEDIN

17. Role: Supply Chain Management Internship - Gurgaon - Full Time

Company: HealthKart

Link to Apply :

18. Role: Procurement and Operations Internship - Bangalore - Full Time

Company - Honey and Spice

Link to Apply:

19. Role: Supply Chain Management Internship - Ahmedabad, Gurgaon - Full Time

Company: Scouto (Acquired by Spinny)

Link to Apply:

20. Role: Supply Chain Management Internship - Mangalore - Full Time - Onsite

Company: BASF

Link to Apply:

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Written by - Dhruman Gohil

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